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Most people have never seen Biamp products, but they've probably heard them work wonders — in airports, arenas, courtrooms, Houses of Worship, theaters, universities, corporations, and conference centers. Around the world, around the clock, Biamp equipment is delivering, managing and enhancing the sound.

The Biamp difference begins with the way we make our products. From initial DSP design to software development, from materials management to manufacturing, from in-depth testing to quality assurance, the entire process is owned and managed under one roof — our own. Which means our customers can have confidence in the quality they're receiving, while enjoying the convenience of shorter lead times and faster response.

Biamp products work as promised. Period.
By having everything under one roof we are able to elevate the usability and performance of our products. 100% of the hardware manufactured in our facility receives a full functional test before being shipped. Likewise, quality assurance occurs at several points along the manufacturing process, and our QA teams typically test firmware and software 90-120 days prior to release. The result is a level of innovation and reliability that can't be matched — from award-winning hardware solutions to intuitive software with one-touch system compilation.

Support that's there for you when you need it. Anytime.
Delivering a quality product experience also means being responsive and accessible to our customers. Our applications engineers, customer service team and regional managers are always there for you to provide expert advice — whether you need help designing a system or you have a specific technical question.

A training program designed to make your job easier.
Anyone who knows Biamp knows that we go to great lengths to provide an exceptional training experience for our customers. Our highly qualified training managers and applications engineers (many of whom have worked as integrators) conduct intensive, multi-day sessions that give students plenty of hands-on time with specific products, as well as one-on-one time with the instructor to work on personal projects. Classes are held in Beaverton, Mumbai, Amsterdam, and Bangkok. For the love of sound, we never stop experimenting, tinkering and making the impossible actually practical. Because ultimately, when the lights dim and the speakers come on, it's not about the system. It's all about the sound.
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