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Networked video has become a professional must-have. However, the challenge remains for ensuring the media streams arrive at the right place, at the right time.

Network-based topologies are inherently more flexible than point-to-point offerings, and these increasingly robust networks now have the capacity to transfer multiple data streams concurrently with audio and video streams.

AVB/TSN is Biamp’s preferred method for transporting media data across a network. It offers considerable advantages over other protocols, including deterministic delivery of streams, precise time synchronization for automated lip sync, and bandwidth reservation and automated Quality of Service (QoS) setup to prevent traffic flooding. All of these capabilities are of particular importance with regard to video due to the bandwidth requirements of HD/UHD video streams.

Layered on top of the transport mechanism is the video compression algorithm. Pro AV requires low latency, visually lossless transport at very low compression ratios to meet the requirements for lip sync in live settings. These requirements are typified by more mature, less complex algorithms having well-shaped constant bit rate streams, which are some of the reasons why we chose M-JPEG as the algorithm for TesiraLUX. For more information regarding M-JPEG and compression in general, see our blog post.

We also recognize that integrators need to be able to manage and adjust video bandwidth based upon their customers’ needs. Tesira software allows you to adjust the maximum resolution, minimum frame rate, and compression ratio of each video stream, allowing you to custom-tailor the bandwidth for each of the different content types that you plan to distribute over the network. The result is TesiraLUX’s robust, automated lip sync management that strives to match audio and video synchronization within 20 milliseconds or less. That means content and conversations are both visually lossless and perfectly in time.
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