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InfoComm 2017: Media Vision Introduces Taiden 5600 Digital Infared Presentation System
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Infographics | Binning
Understanding LED technology can be quite challenging. FPS Media has decided to help out by simplifying the most important stages of LED production as well as explaining how it works. Enjoy our series of infographics on LED Lighting! FPS Media would like to thank Neil Salt, Aurora's CMO for his creative input throughout this project.
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Utelogy Product Overview - Software-defined AV Explained
Utelogy is software-defined AV, a software only platform for controlling, monitoring, and maintaining your technology environments for higher education, enterprises, and emergency operations centers.
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Why rp Visual Solutions is #MoreThanAMount [DSE 2017]
AV Nation talks with Randy Pagnan of rp Visual Solutions at DSE 2017. This discussion covers some of the high-profile jobs done by RPV, how RPV builds creative visual structures, the challenges & solutions to mounting Narrow-Pixel-Pitch LED displays, and why rp Visual Solutions is ahead of the curve when it comes to architecturally integrated mounting solutions. For more information visit us at
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Is Video Streaming adoption only limited by mindset?
Chris Fitzsimmons, Biamp, talks with Paul Milligan about the need to overcome video streaming misconceptions and how better planning and provisioning of the IT infrastructure will speed the adoption of video streaming.
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Interview with Klas Dalbjörn
Powersoft's mission to strengthen the company further in 2017 has begun in the most dynamic fashion, by announcing the appointment of the highly experienced Klas Dalbjorn as Product Manager. SHOW MORE
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The Devio Ceiling Microphone - Biamp
For huddle rooms and small meeting spaces, where table space is limited or at a premium, the Devio Ceiling Microphone provides a flexible alternative to the Devio Tabletop Microphone. Here we give you some specs and show you how to properly use DCM-1 with your Devio collaboration tool. For more information please visit
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Quattrocanali Overview
Quattrocanali offers the traditionally amazing sound quality and reliability of all Powersoft products.The patented SRM (Smart Rails Management) technology allows to maximize the the efficiency of the system and drastically reduce power consumption at any load and usage condition. Quattrocanali Series is designed to work with lo-Z (from 2 Ω) and with 70V/100V distributed lines: any mixed impedance output loads can be realized.
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EDU-KIT Classroom AV Solutions from Liberty
Meet Liberty's line of EDU-KIT Classroom AV Solutions. A starter kit for the modern classroom or training room.
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