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Behind The Curtain - Bruce Reiter
"There's maybe five that are really good of the modern popular brand PA's, and this is in the top two... Everything about it is easy logistics wise and the sound is wonderful. I don't know how you can go wrong with that." - Bruce Reiter
Behind The Curtain - Kyle Hamilton
I put it number one... because once again it's what I always wanted to tour with. When I was given the choice I couldn't let it go by." - Kyle Hamilton from the Pharrell Williams "Dear G I R L Tour" at the O2 arena.
Behind The Curtain - Rock Werchter
Recently we had the pleasure of attending the Rock Werchter festival in Belgium. We sat down with the festival's production manager, Walter D'Haese and senior sound engineer, Patrick Demoustier, to discuss the first deployment of PRG's new E15 rig.

The Main Stage this year boasted 72 x E15s... All powered by Lab.gruppen PLM 20000Qs.

Winner of the Arthur award for best festival in the world five times since 2003, Rock Werchter has Adamson Energia and Y-Axis on all three stages. 90,000 + guests are treated to a world class line up. This year included the likes of Metalica, Black Keys, Arctic Monkeys, Pearl Jam, Imagine Dragons, Ellie Goulding, Paolo Nutini and Jack Johnson all gracing the stage.

PRG provides integrated services and equipment, including audio, video, lighting, rigging, staging, and scenery and automation systems, for these markets from more than 40 offices in North America, South America, Europe, Africa, Asia and Australia. Visit for more details.

Lemon’s working with system tech Kyle Walsh and monitor engineer Ed Ehrbar supplied by Eighth Day Sound (Cleveland and the UK) to reinforce the live performances on the current shed tour by the Grammy-winning LaMontagne and his talented band.
Behind The Curtain - Jon Lemon
Recently we had the pleasure of connecting with Jon Lemon, a noted, seasoned mix engineer who has handled front-of-house mix duties for numerous top artists, among them Beck, Janet Jackson, The Smashing Pumpkins, Nine Inch Nails, as well as his current client, American singer-songwriter Ray LaMontagne and the Supernova tour.

Lemon’s working with system tech Kyle Walsh and monitor engineer Ed Ehrbar supplied by Eighth Day Sound (Cleveland and the UK) to reinforce the live performances on the current shed tour by the Grammy-winning LaMontagne and his talented band.
Behind The Curtain - Scott Eisenberg
Recently we had the pleasure of connecting with Scott Eisenberg, FOH Engineer for the Grammy Award winning Imagine Dragons. He has been with the band through their recent rise to fame and just completed his second run with an Adamson Energia system provided by Sound Image.

Scott has found comfort in using a rig that he knows will deliver and meet the scalable needs for a band that has gone from theaters to stadiums in the blink of an eye.
Martin Bonsoir takes us through Biamp's history; from when it was founded in 1976, through acquisitions and product launches to the professional audio specialist it is today.
Nexia is a focused, economical and application specific product with fixed I/O that handles functions such as speaker processing or conferencing.
Biamp's advanced PA/VA system, Vocia, is EN54-16 certified and uses existing IP networks for multisite applications.
Audia is a fully featured networked digital audio platform, comprising hardware and software that uses Cobranet as its main transport protocol.
The next step in the Tesira family is TesiraFORTÉ, an application specific DSP system with fixed I/O configurations.
The Tesira scalable networked media system uses AVB but delivers interoperability between Dante and Cobranet on the same chassis.
Overview of Biamp's online and in-person training offerings that educate users about a range of technologies relevant to the industry.
The Royal Society of Medicine's AV manager takes us through a Tesira installation, recently installed to manage more than 100 I/Os at its London HQ.
Best practice tips on how to design high quality audio systems covering room acoustics, quality over quantity, processing and more.
InAVate editor Paul Milligan explores the benefits of audio networking and looks at some different approaches for AV integrators wanting to convey those benefits to clients.
In this series of videos InAVate.TV turns its attention on audio company Biamp Systems. Here, Martin Bonsoir, the company's EIMEA applications engineering manager, introduces Biamp's philosophy and approach.
4K Ultra HD
The N2151 4K Encoder and N2251 4K decoder provide the same flexible, powerful, and scalable solution as the rest of SVSi's N2000 series but at all resolutions up to 3840×2160. JPEG2000 compression allows Ultra HD media to be switched and distributed over standard gigabit Ethernet networks. Ultra HD signals from the N2151 encoder provided simultaneously as: 1) a JPEG2000-compressed 900-Mbps stream through the RJ-45 connector and 2) an uncompressed stream through the small-form-pluggable (SFP) connector compatible with fiber or copper. Any source can be sent to any number of displays by routing through layer-3 switches. System scalability is limited only by uplink and stacking connector bandwidths but can accommodate up to 100 Ultra HD video sources at once.
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SVSi's N-Touch Wall Controllers
SVSi's N-Touch Wall Controllers -- stand-alone, dual-gang IP controllers that send commands to multiple IP clients with the push of a button. Both the N8301 and N8302 have nine programmable tactile buttons with 240 x 320 display. Programming is done individually through the built-in web-server or collectively to multiple units using an N-Command N8000-series controller. Multi-page custom graphics can be created using SVSi's free Panel Builder software, stored internally, and launched at start-up or at the push of a button. The N8302 comes with a capacitive touch display and built-in WiFi and Bluetooth for expanding control to mobile devices.
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N-Series 1000, 2000, 3000
N-Series Encoders & Decoders:

SVSi's N-Series offers three video over ip product families providing the ultimate in price, performance, and flexibility in Pro AV: the N1000 Series for economical, in-room solutions, the N2000 Series for HD, Cinema-grade video on the LAN, and the N3000 Series to stream and control HD multimedia on the LAN or WAN utilizing H.264 compression. N2000 encoders and decoders are a 10-200 Mbps LAN solution that is backwardly compatible with the Legacy generation JPEG2000 products, plus the feature of input and output scaling.

N-Series video over ip encoders and decoders are designed to switch and distribute AV content over any network segment or link; they are resourcefully structured to where a single control layer can seamlessly operate a mix from the N1000, N2000, and N3000 lines.
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SVSi's N-Act - On-board, built-in control capability
All N-Series encoders and decoders have on-board, built-in control capability via events that can trigger any number of TCP/UDP commands to other IP controllable devices.

Event types are 'power on' (the device powers on), 'Video Connect', and 'Video Disconnect'. Once any of these events occur, encoders and decoders will send out a pre-determined list of commands to any number of devices.

Control devices such as blinds, lighting, cameras, etc into scripts and panels.
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N3000 Overlay Feature
Overlay functionality is SVSi's latest product offering within the N3000 family of hardware and software. This additional application allows for N3000 series servers to overlay video clips and animation sequences onto live feeds via the decoder's webpage or through SVSi's management servers -- eliminating the need for expensive digital signage software to create and embed videos in real time.
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Panel Builder
Panel Builder allows you to design attractive, intuitive, and easy to use touch panel layouts for controlling SVSi's Networked AV Systems and third-party equipment. Panel Builder makes it easy and fun to design a panel to control any room or facility with just a few simple steps. You can choose to use button and widget libraries that are part of Panel Builder, or import your own images to customize the panel to look exactly as you want. The only limit is your imagination!
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Bob Sharp from SVSi runs through the company's 4K over IP products at InfoComm 2014.
Håkan Gustaffson, product manager for Lab.gruppen, introduces the D Series amps on show at Infocomm 2014. The amps will be available for purchase in late Q3.
Chris Axford from Digital Projection unveils the Insight Laser 4K projector at InfoComm 2014.
LUCIA - A localized approach to audio system design from Lab.gruppen
Klas Dalbjorn Product Research Manager introduces the new LUCIA (Localized Utility Compact Intelligent Amplification) from renowned Swedish amplifier manufacturer Lab.gruppen.
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N-Series Overview by Bob Sharp
Lab.gruppen presents IPD amplifier
TC Group's Miguel Hadelich presents IPD, Lab.gruppen’s two channel amp with built in DSP.
ab.gruppen bolsters flexibility with LUCIA
Lab.gruppen presents the LUCIA (Localised Utility Compact Intelligent Amplification) platform for decentralised AV systems design.
Lab.gruppen announces IPD amplifiers in Frankfurt
Martin Andersson introduces the IPD series of performance amplifiers including a 2x1200W and 2x600W model and full DSP functionality.
Ampetronic launch new hearing assistance products
Julian Pieters explains the new induction loop system shown at PLS 2013 by Ampetronic.
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IPD Series - the new amplifier platform from Lab.gruppen
The introduction of the new IPD (Intelligent Power Drive) Series from renowned Swedish amplifier manufacturer Lab.gruppen, marks a breakthrough in networked and DSP-enabled power amplifiers. In a sleek and ultra-compact package, IPD Series amplifiers unite -- for the first time -- renowned Lab.gruppen performance and reliability with cutting-edge DSP features and surprising affordability.

Thorough inspired design, IPD Series packs more features and greater power density into a 1U frame than found in most competitive 2U platforms. Two power configurations are available, IPD 1200 and IPD 2400, with power outputs (at 4 ohms) of 2 x 600 W and 2 x 1200 W, respectively. Both incorporate integrated DSP, networked monitoring and control via computer or iPad, a 4-channel input matrix, fully configurable front panel controls with graphic display, analogue and AES3 inputs (with redundant failover), definitive Lab.gruppen limiters, and impeccable build quality.

At the heart of the IPD Series platform is a powerful DSP engine equipped with a total of 40 real-time, multi-slope parametric EQs along with adjustable gain, input delay, output delay, and high-pass and low-pass filters adjustable to any frequency. A Software Configurable Voltage Peak Limiter (SCVPL) tailors outputs to load conditions, maintaining pristine sound quality, while a 4-channel input mixer provides flexible input routing. Parameters may be stored in up to 100 user-defined presets, and all processing power is harnessed for easy use through the intuitive, touch-based GUI of IntelliDrive Controller™. Available for PC, Mac and as a dedicated iPad app, this powerful software interface enables fast and accurate remote system tuning over Ethernet or wirelessly via a suitable WiFi router.

IPD Series' sleek front panel echoes the aesthetic of Lab.gruppen's flagship PLM (Powered Loudspeaker Management) Series, with both models featuring integrated rack handles, a backlit graphic display with horizontal VU meters, push-buttons for mute and menu navigation, and a rotary encoder. Extensive rear-panel connections include paired XLR analogue inputs with link outputs; XLR input and link output for AES3 digital; binding post and speakON output connectors with both channels available via one speakON; Ethernet networking connection, and locking IEC power connector.

Comprehensive connection, control and monitoring facilities ensure that the IPD Series is equally matched to the demands of fixed install applications as it is ready for the rigours of touring audio.

"When my father, Kenneth Anderson, and Dan Bavholm started Lab.gruppen, their goal was to serve the local musical community with great-sounding and affordable products." recalls Martin Andersson, Lab.gruppen's Product Manager for Touring. "Over the last 30 years we have advanced our technology to create innovative, 'best-in-class' power amplifiers, including the legendary fP Series and our flagship PLM Series -- the platform of choice for international touring and prestige installations. Now with IPD Series, we've put everything we've learned into a product that will serve a wider market -- delivering on both performance and value."

Weighing in at just 4.6 kg (10.1 lbs) for IPD 1200 and 6.2 kg (13.7 lbs) for IPD 2400, IPD Series marks a real game-change in the marketplace for intelligent amplifiers.
  • 2 models -- 2 x 600 W or 2 x 1200 W (at 4 ohms)
  • 1U frame for high power density
  • Powerful DSP with a total of 40 real-time, multi-slope adjustable parametric EQs
  • 2s input and output delay (4s total)
  • Networked control via IntelliDrive Controller touch-based GUI (Windows, Mac, iPad)
  • Software configurable limiters (SCVPL)
  • AES3 & analogue inputs with redundant failover
  • Full control and VU metering via front panel display
  • 100 user-definable presets
  • 4-channel input mixer
  • 3 year warranty
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Lab.gruppen - The Game Changes Now...a new product for 2013

Martin Andersson, Product Manager for Lab.gruppen, tells us his personal story with the brand and the company, and how Lab.gruppen's history of supplying best in class power electronics and amplifier technology is being distilled into a completely new product offering, being unveiled in Frankfurt in 2013.
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ISE 2013: Attero Tech Shows the unD32 32 Channel Dante BoB
ISE 2013: Attero Tech Shows the unD32 32 Channel Dante BoB
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DPI University - Single Chip Color Wheels
Join Ken Eagle and Digital Projection as we explore the multiple Color Wheel Option in DP's single Chip Projector Line.
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Listen Wireless Conferencing with Video Conferencing Systems
Listen Technologies' Peter Papageorge explains how simple and effective it is to connect and use Listen's new Wireless Conferencing products with video conferencing systems such as Cisco's Telepresence System.
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Listen Technologies Charging/Carrying Case Demo Cory Schaeffer gives a short overview of Listen Technologies most popular charging and carrying case -- the LA-311.
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Assistive Listening Devices & Regulatory Changes within the ADA This is a 30 minute recording of the NSCA webinar presented by Cory Schaeffer, Listen Technologies VP Sales Worldwide. The webinar addresses the new regulatory changes that took effect on March 15, 2012. These changes impact the technical requirements for assistive listening devices in government facilities, public assembly areas and commercial facilities.
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UAPg2 - Preset Config.mp4
Tutorial on creating and saving Master and Sub-Presets on UAPg2 Digital Audio Processor by Penton Audio
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UAPg2 Compile and Store New Design
Tutorial on how to create, compile, and store new audio processing designs in the UAPg2.
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UAPg2 - Mapping Front Panel Knobs
Tutorial Video to map analog control and front panel knobs to various elements - along with -how to- on scaling knob controls.
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UAPg2 Updating Software
Tutorial on how to update software-firmware in the UAPg2 audio DSP.
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UAPg2 - URC Confg_Prgm
Tutorial on how to program and config a URC serial remote controller on a UAPg2 Audio Processor.
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UAPg2 RAC_VR Calibration
Tutorial video on how to program and VR calibrate analog controllers.
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UAPg2 - 3rd Party Control
Tutorial Video on how to set up 3rd Party commands for external control systems.
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UAPg2 Msg Player_WAV File Mgnt Part-1
Part 1 in series on how to set up message player and manage digital audio WAV files.
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UAPg2 Msg Player_wav File Mngmt Part-2
Part 2 of 2 in series on how to set up digital audio *.wav files to be triggered via external TTL control inputs in message player.
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UAPg2 Sales Features
Video showcasing features of the UAPg2 Audio DSP from Penton Audio-Ateis
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UAPg2 Config - Windows 7
Tutorial video on how to initially connect to UAPg2 Audio Processor as well as how to config Windows 7 for Static IP address.
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